Brazil is the most far country from Japan. I took "BARIG" that is the Flag carrier of Brazil, and night is passed twise from Japan to arrive.
VARIG is the one of best in flight service carrier (another is Singapore Air), yes  I was fully enjoyed their service.
At Haneda or LosAngels, VARIG Air parked at an apron to the way of the end of a large airfield, but it parks at an apron in the center in Brazil.
The seashore in early morning Copacabana. It becomes a feast for the eyes by many beauties in the daytime.
The pineapple was sold to along a road.
We went to the test construction area of a rail by train which converted such a bus.
The train which carries an iron ore. There is the length of 2km or more, and it is called "mile train."
Therefore, wear of the rail is also greatly intense.
Since there were few trees in Brazil, the iron tie was used for the rail road.