The beauty of Hangzhou lies in the West Lake, as the old Chinese saying goes ,"there are altogether 36 west lakes on earth and the one in Hangzhou is undoubtedly overshadows all its counterparts."
  West Lake
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From the restaurant Su Causeway From the boat


  West lake
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From the Zhejanc Xizi Guest House


There are a general's mausoleum and grave which were gone on for which an expedition and fought from this ground to long distance Mongolia in the 1100s. 
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The expedition course and picture tale  were in the mausoleum,  It is the iron image of the subordinate husband and wife who betrayed him to the enemy.


The temple of the Zen sect in the place about 3km away from west lake. (one of the China Zen sect 10 major historic olds temple). It was founded in 326 year.
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