XIJIAO GUEST HOUSE is the resort house of the high-class management of the former Communist Party and recently opened to the public. The meeting of an executive person etc. is also held now.
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This hotel has a 80ha vast garden and can also perform boating and fishing. It is dotted with such seven cottages in the site. If the high-class management of the Communist Party stays, a part of walk way of a park will shut out a general person.
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Since my position was ahead of front, I was fully enjoyed wonderful scene. Two hours passed in an instant. 
The most visitor's was a tourist from a foreign country at the small theater of exclusive use.


I did the city sightseeing, looking for old recollections. 
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Broadway-Mansion Leased territory, we call "Band" before the World War II. Long time ago, this building was  headquarter of Japanese Navy. Now it's department.


Street name will be changed after the War.


Air Port
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No smoking area