The garden of 50,000m2 which the old politician who had the government post followed returned to the hometown, and carried out gardening in 1522. 
The meaning of this garden is "A foolish person manages politics".
 One of the four famous gardens in China
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Chinese people's supreme bliss are to live in the residence which has a noted garden with the fair Suzhou beauty. 60 percent of a site is a pond and it is many lotuses in a pond. Although it was not a holiday, too many people come here, I had imagined that they would be the tour from the hinterland.


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There is poetry of a famous lithograph in this temple.


On the top pf small hill, there is "Tower of Tiger Hill" which inclined 15 degrees 
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1999 1941 with my family


The hotel is a new hotel where the government was newly established in the industrial area under the joint management of  Singapore. Construction of a factory has already started in this area. I think that it will become busy in the near future
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Under construction Office of Joint management At the bar


Road construction
Road construction is performed in the everywhere in a town. 
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appearances of the old street

Under construction

Modern Street


Plum Forest of West Mountain
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All the mountains are covered with a plum . It was time in full bloom exactly.