Foreign Countries

I went to Beijing in 1983 for explanation of new steel materials  in the automobile industry.
I lived in Shanghai at the time of childhood. 
60 years after, I could  visit the nostalgic city.
It's the paradise. The first visit was 60years ago,  I don't remember the last visit.
Beautiful lakes and delicious food.
Industrial city and the important place of the traffic which is prosperous from ancient times.
Brazil I visited Brazil only once for investigation of the new anti abrasion rails.
Delhi A town with two faces, old and new.
Agra There are three major World Heritages here.  
Mathura There is a valuable museum although it is not famous.
Korea I visited Korea 3 times. This page shows when I precipitated the opening ceremony of  the new factory which making stainless wires. Rest two times I couldn't take photo. 
Kathmandu The town is famous for the world heritage and  the smog by exhaust. 
Mountain The sight-seeing flight which go to near to Everest.
Pokhara The tourist resort which can see in the Himalayan peeks closely.
Bhaktapur All the village are the world heritage. Brilliant wood carving is seen.
Heavy industry and sea shore.
Ayutthaya The town of ruins.
Bangkok The town of a smile and traffic congestion.
Chiangmai The town of the entrance to a mountains zone.