There is no pamphlet not only in Agra but in a tourist resort in India. When making the WEB, it is inconvenient to check a name and a position relation. And also I cannot find the picture postcard.


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Taj-Mahal Side view of Taj-Mahal Main gate from TajMahal Main gate.
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Caving on the marble Inlaid work Side gate
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Front view of TajMahal


The strong castle surrounded by the rampart with a canal and a height of 21m in the circumference. The Moghal empire which invaded India and exercised power to the full would need such defense.
All building is construct by red sandstone or marble. Minute sculpture is given to the surface.
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The Main Gate

The Castle Wall

Symmetrical arrangement

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 Red sand-stone structure

Marble structure.

TajMahal from Fort.


It takes 30min from center of the Agra city, there is the FATEHPUR SIKRI that is the old palace.
This capital was forsaken after Akbar's death after that for a water shortage and intense heat. It is a capital for only 14 years. 
It is made from red sandstone and praised as "the poetry of red sandstone." 

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Dry fruits and cake shop in Agra.
What carries out a crowd to nature in a tasty store.