The exhibition thing is only merely set. Although there is also a thing with explanation in local language, I want arrangement inside a hall and explanation in English at least. It is wasteful only by having placed the special precious archaeological find quietly. If visitors increase in number, it will become impossible however, to touch by hand freely like now.
0551.jpg (18752 バイト) 0561.jpg (28258 バイト)
0554.jpg (14986 バイト) 0555.jpg (15561 バイト) The statue using red sandstone
0557.jpg (21419 バイト) 0556.jpg (21734 バイト) The statue of marble. The plump face is carried out.
0560.jpg (25990 バイト) 0559.jpg (13181 バイト) The small statue of bronze. Beautiful one!!
0563.jpg (24198 バイト) 0565.jpg (21361 バイト) The archaeological find which is not yet arranged is put on the passage in this way.
All exhibits are in the place which touches. .