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At the ceremony, since I was asked to make speech, I sent the manuscript to the Korean acquaintance one month ago, and had translation and pronunciation sent to Korean on a tape, and circle memorization was carried out.
After the ceremony party was held, many Korean persons had approached me,  that they think I could speak Korean language, I could only say "I can read not speak" with smile.   

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At the front of the factory.

My subordinate (from the left to the 2nd person) was dispatched to technical instruction of this factory.

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The most famous food in South Korea is roast meat. We went to the famous roast meat restaurant instantly.

It was the delicious dinner.

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A waitress cuts big meat on the bone with scissors in a suitable size. It was wonderful sharpness.

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At the golf course.

Since caddie called GUSSHA and GUSSHA when we made the shot,  I asked the meaning of this word,  They answered it was "Good Shot".