My Foreign country's Friends

As I worked with the steel manufacturing company for a long time,  I often visited the foreign country in relation to my job. 
I introduce some friends who has interchange even now. 


Taiwan I visited Taiwan several times for technical service and explore the new user of stainless steel wire rod when I was in Hikari works of NSC.
C.T.Tsai He is the president of the stainless fasteners maker. 
Thomas Tsai He is the president of the trading company.


Dr. Anchaleeporn She is the professor of  petrochemistry of the
BSI People BSI is the electric steel manufacturing company.


USA I visited U.S.A many times. :Technical service for complaint for the product that exported. As a speaker for conference. Research for new technology of production process etc..
impressive thing for me is carrying out a joint program with one of the steel company located near from Chicago.
It was continued for two years, through this joint program, I experienced the difference between American and Japanese in the way of thinking, analyzing, explaining etc..
Dr. H.owie .Pielet He is the researcher of the steel company.
Inland people