His company is producing stainless steel fasteners, and sell it to the all over the world.
And became the leading company in the world now.
At Nikko Hotel Osaka on 2001/9/30
At Nikko Hotel on 2001/2/15

Suddenly, he made phone call to me "I am in Osaka now, I want to meet you" 
So I went away to Osaka. 
The left end is his daughter, and at the time of the skiing of Hokkaido, although she was 11 years old, it was already set to LADY. 

At Suzhou on1999
At restaurant in Hi-Lai Hotel on September 9th,1997.
Osaka (aquarium)1995
Kyoto (Kinkakuji)1993
Few years ago, He asked me to go to skiing place in Japan with his family, Mr.Takemura and I accompanied with them to go to Hokkaido.1992
4 years later he expand the factory three times.(1991)
We went to the top of the Taiwan (Arisan)1991
He started fastener business from this factory(1987)