She  is a Professor of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Landkrabang.


Mar. 15, 1999 At the restaurant Banthai

She come to Japan again. and we met in Tokyo. 

We met in Tokyo again with 2 new comers from Thailand. They are going to doctor course on the Hitachi scholarship. 

Ms. Pongphen Jitareerat is to Sizuoka Univ. and Mr. Surat Areerat is to Kyoto Univ.

We went Thai restaurant in Kabukicho Shinjuku that is famous for young people.  And Thai Karaoke house.

anchan4.jpg (42818 バイト) 98/9/15
She came to Japan again. By E-Mail, she is studying at the Kyoto Univ., I went to Kyoto, and we took dinner in the Thailand restaurant in Kyoto.
She said to get married in January of next year.
01anchan.jpg (19481 バイト) 98/3/14
Every year she come to Japan to learn the new technology.
I invite her and her friend (she is also Prof.) for dinner.
I went to Korat factory of BSI to watch constructing the new mill.

Dr. Ann-chan  was a consult for BSI and accompany with me. 

This is the first encounter.