The Life with Steels

Fujii Motoya



I am a technical expert which engaged in steel production process for over 40 years, and I retired from work in 1997.
The time which I passed by the steel industry has overlapped with the time when Japan which became ruins by World War II accomplished shining revival.
I am proud of my having contributed to this development as a steel engineer. 

This WEB is started to the commemoration from which I retired from work, and the topics in connection with the steel product manufacture in which I participated, commemoration of the encounter with the friend who was able to do through work, the photographs at the time of the visit to foreign, etc. are recorded.

I want to revision up little by little in future.
Come to look sometimes, and give a mail if you have some impression.
Friends Foreign Country Technology of Steel Products

I'm so sorry there are many under construction pages in this area.  


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