I engaged in steel manufacturing industry during 40years.

I have experienced to produce wire rod, hot extrusion, and electric-resistance welding pipe, and was in charge of technical development on long products when I was in head office of NIPPON STEEL.

They say that iron and steel production technology is mature technology already.  But iron and steel materials have to make progress according to the requests and needs of users.

Technology should follow up for the correspondence to the requests and needs of users that is no limitation.   Technology hasn't a limit, and, rather, there is a field of the romance for realizing our dreams.

Here I wish to express the romance, which I experienced.

When I was engaged in technical development department of Nippon Steel, I cooperated with INLAND STEEL for joint program of new technology.  It announced the situation in a lecture of conference afterwards.
I extract a part described about the differences between Japan and American, such as culture, custom, process of thinking etc. except the technical part and show it.
Since it will make progress little by little, come to look sometimes


G-Joint Pipe in Coil Joint Program Defect of Extrusion