The Mughal Sheraton

0489.jpg (21241 バイト) 0488.jpg (25894 バイト)24, Nov is the Mr. Say's birthday.

A Happy Birthday Mr. Say!! 

0487.jpg (31404 バイト) Mr. JUNICHI and I had fully enjoyed to delicious eating, and want to start the party. 
0496.jpg (31726 バイト) Feast director's Mr. JUNICHI greatly takes an active part with the instant camera. 
0500.jpg (31649 バイト) It is a ring of the dance in the head as for leading part's of today MR.. SAY. 
0502.jpg (30496 バイト) 0507.jpg (32587 バイト)

Dance of Japan-France friendship

0498.jpg (33989 バイト) After dancing, Mr. JUNICHI with his temporally partner.

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